2022 SuperSpiel Rules 
1. DURATION: Friday,  Saturday and Sunday morning games are 8 ends. Sunday’s Championship games are 10 ends.
2. GAME TIME OPERATION: All 8 end games will be untimed due to COVID concerns.  All Championship games will be 10 ends and will be timed and each time will have 38 minutes to complete a 10 end game with two 60 second time outs. If an extra end is required each team will have 4 minutes and 30 seconds (4:30) “THINKING TIME” and one (1) time out for each extra end required. Untimed games are expected to be played as if the game was being timed and the "45-second rule" to put a rock into play will be implemented if required due to slow play.
1. There will be a break of no longer than 5 minutes after 4 ends (8 end games) or five ends (10 end games). Coaches may meet with their teams on the deck at the home end but not in the lounge. If necessary, players may leave the ice. No food is allowed on the deck during the break, except prepared fruit in plastic containers and drinks in unbreakable containers.
2. There will be a break of no more than three minutes before the start of an extra end.
1. Each team will have two 60 second time outs per game and one 60 second time-out per extra end. The time out must be requested from the playing surface by a player of the team that is in control of the game clock. Coaches may physically signal a request for a time out to their players on the ice but are only permitted to communicate with their players during the time out.
2. During a time out, both teams may consult with their coaches. The time out will commence when the coach of the team requesting the time out has reached their team.
3. Coaches are not allowed on the ice surface at all during the time out.
4. If required the Coach of the team that requested the time out may access the away end via the walkway or by walking along the side of their sheet to take a position on the backboards.
5. The team not requesting the time out may only consult with their Coach at the home end and may not delay the restart of play.
5. PRACTICE: There will be a short period to cool down sliders followed by a 7 minute practice. At the completion of the team’s practice two team members will throw a draw to determine hammer in the game (two draw total).  Teams will flip a coin to determine choice of practice or rock colour. The practice will be under the control and direction of the Club Official. A coach/player may wipe the handles of their stones prior to the start of their practice.  They may not move the stones from the corner.
6. HAMMER: Last stone advantage in the first end will be decided by a draw to the button immediately following each team’s pre-game practice. The team throwing first practice will throw their draw clockwise, and the team throwing second practice will throw their draw counterclockwise. The draw to the button shall be played towards the home end and must be completed within 1 minute after the end of practice.  All draws for hammer will be measured by the Club Official. There will be two draws per team to determined the hammer. 
7. MEASUREMENTS: During a game, teams will do their own measuring. An official will assist if necessary.
8. TIE GAMES will be decided by a full extra end played towards the home end.
9. SUBSTITUTION: If a player is unable to continue, the team may elect to continue with three players (they throw 3-3-2 from lead to skip). The sidelined player may re-enter the game between ends or during an end already in progress providing they can deliver a stone in the teams established delivery rotation. Or the team may bring in a substitute (an eligible substitute provided by the SuperSpiel Committee).
1. A substitute who enters a game during an end shall replace the injured player in the delivery rotation. At the beginning of the next end, the substitute may deliver stones in any position and the team may re-declare their delivery rotation at that time.
2. The replaced player may not rejoin the team until the next game unless the team loses a subsequent player and is in a default position.
10. USE OF SPARES: For each and every game played, a team must include a minimum of two players from the original team.
1. Men may only spare on men’s teams and women may only spare on women’s teams.
2. All spares must meet the current Curling Canada Junior age requirements.
3. Spares must comply with all other SuperSpiel rules and regulations.
4. If the spare is registered with the SuperSpiel spares pool then they may spare for any team.
5. If the spare is NOT registered with the SuperSpiel spares pool then they may spare for only that team.
6. Other substitutions may be permitted for “exceptional circumstances” provided that the request is forwarded in writing to the Event Chair and receives the approval of the majority of the SuperSpiel Board of Directors.
11. CURLING CANADA RULES will govern the SuperSpiel with exceptions noted above.
12. CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND: All games are 10 ends. If an extra end is required it will be played towards the home end. Please refer to Game Time Operation above for the time allotted for 10 end games. The higher qualified team will have LSFE (last stone first end) AND choice of rock colour.  The team having LSFE will practice first. If a game is between Qualifier 3 and Qualifier 4 teams they will flip, no later than 15 minutes before first practice, for choice of rock colour OR 1st OR 2nd practice and will “Draw for Hammer” as they qualified out of the same event (refer to rule 5 and 6). 
13. ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION: no alcohol may be consumed by competitors or their coaches on the host clubs’ premises for the duration of the bonspiel.
14. SMOKING is prohibited in public buildings (including Curling Clubs) in Ontario.
15. BROOM HEADS: teams must conform with the WCF & Curling Canada's Sweepng Moratorium on Brush Head Technology.  Only the certifed, mustard yellow heads may be used in this competition. 
16. SAFE SPORT: it is a condition of participation that all teams and athletes must be Safe Sport Certified.
17. ROWAN'S LAW:  NOT REQUIRED IN 2022 DUE TO SAFE SPORT REQUIREMENTS.   It is a condition of participation that all Athletes under the age of 26 and their Coaches must acknowledge and provide a receipt of Concussion Awareness Resources on the Ontario Provincial website at: 
https://www.ontario.ca/page/rowans-law-concussion-awareness-resources prior to participation. You are required to review the age appropriate Government of Ontario Concussion Awareness Resource E-Booklet linked at or near the bottom on the above website.

Following your review of the appropriate Concussion Awareness Resources, we require you to complete the Confirmation Receipt for Concussion Awareness Resources form that follows the E-Booklet links.After completing and signing the Confirmation receipt form, retain the completed form for display at the OVCA Junior SuperSpiel Qualifier to the umpire at registration, prior to playing. All players and coaches are required to present their completed Confirmation receipt for Concussion Awareness Resources form in order to play in the BrokerLink-OVCA Junior SuperSpiel.   NO EXCEPTIONS.