The BrokerLink-OVCA Junior SuperSpiel committee and club partners are pleased to announce that the 2022 SuperSpiel will be back in full operation on Nov 4 to 6, 2022. All of
our club partners have returned to the SuperSpiel and we couldn't be more grateful for all oftheir support. In addition, the RCMP CC has agreed to host 2 draws on Friday and this is areturn to the RCMP who were such fantastic hosts in 2015 when they helped us.

In addition, CurlON has announced that the OVCA Junior SuperSpiel Qualifier is an event on the U21 Trillium series that will advance 4 teams directly to the CurlON U21 Provincial
Championship. Entry forms for the Qualifier will be available shortly in early July.

We are trying hard to host our Pro-Am one of the key parts of the SuperSpiel, however further discussion with our Proa are needed to see if this will be possible. With regret we will not have our banquet this year. For any returning players, this won't be a surprise, since distancing is impossible at the banquet and Covid is still too real. We hope for our banquet to return in 2023 with the planned construction of a new Granite Curling Club expected with more space for distancing and hopefully further progress with Covid.

We will be reaching out to long-term curling partners who have come to the Junior SuperSpiel, but also ask that any teams interested in coming to Ottawa for our 2022
BrokerLink-OVCA Junior SuperSpiel, please contact us and visit our website, since we are open to any interested teams contacting us directly.




The BrokerLink-OVCA Junior SuperSpiel committee and our club partners have been working hard to bring the Superspiel back this season However, as the season is picking up, it's clear to us that we are not able to pull it all together. As a result and with much regret, we announce that the BrokerLink-OVCA Junior SuperSpiel will not return in January 2022. We
thank all of you for your patience, in these trying times.With the support of our title sponsors: BrokerLink and the Ottawa Valley Curling Association, our club partners and volunteers, the SuperSpiel committee is pleased to announce thereturn of the 2022 BrokerLink-OVCA Junior SuperSpiel at our traditional time from November 4 to 6, 2022. This will be our 27 th annual Junior SuperSpiel after a 2 year hiatusdue to Covid-19.

The Junior SuperSpiel will have all the features that we've built since its inception in 1994 – the OVCA Junior SuperSpiel Qualifier on Oct. 21 to 23 at the Almonte CC, our new
partnership with Stu Sells for the Southern Ontario Qualifier, the Pro Am on Nov. 3 at the RCN (Navy) CC and the 2022 BrokerLink-OVCA Junior SuperSpiel at the Granite, Carleton
Heights, City View, Ottawa, Navy and Manotick Curling Clubs.

We wish all continued success going forward this season and all U21 teams success at the 2021 World Juniors Qualifier at the Granite CC, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. We look forward
to seeing everyone next season as we continue working with all teams building future




Tom Sinclair
Chair, BrokerLink-OVCA Junior SuperSpiel